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Disinfection Process

Our system is equipped with sensors and O.R.P monitors for residual disinfectant and PH (if necessary) that continuously measure the quality of water, A high volume recirculation pump that has two outputs, one that feeds the network and the other to reciruclate high water through injectors (PH-OZONE) and the mixer tank, so long as the instructions in the system memory are not changed.

Weather it be for disinfection with ozone or any other oxidant, a chlorine metering pump, application of hydrogen peroxide, PH adjustment (acid or alkaline). The system adapts to different parameters depending on the application and the needs of the client. The operations ca be simultaneous or sequential because they are led by separate controllers with precise functions.

It is important to note that unlike chlorine, the use of ozone as a disinfectant does not affect the PH level. However, the adjusting the PH level, neutral to slightly acidic will produce significant positive effects for certain applications such as agriculture and animal breeding. A slightly acidic PH will contribute to a better ingestion and assimilation by animals of grain feed, hence an improvement in the results obtained. Furthermore, an acidic PH discourages the proliferation of bacterium in the water distribution network.

The system is closed circuit, thus pressurized, no need for water level control or electric valves. Once the water passes through the injector, it flows through a nozzle in the conduits just before the mixer tank. This is done in order to produce micro bubbles (diffusion) to better disperse air and water in the mixer tank for a better contact of the disinfectant with the water. A de-gasser specially designed for this application is placed on the mixer tank to evacuate the air previously injected. This air is evacuated into the atmospheres or destroyed by an ozone eliminator that transforms it into oxygen. It is important to note that the lifespan of an ozone molecule is short, a few seconds to a maximum of twenty minutes before it transforms itself into oxygen.

However, according to government norms, we should not release or breathe in (up to a certain concentration) unused or excess ozone into the environment. That's why we must (manufacturers and installers of ozone equipment) use a degassing and ozone destruction system that meets established norms. This method of ozone destruction is achieved by catalytic means (metal mixture: oxidized copper and manganese dioxide) using a process with very high temperatures or a mixture of two processes with lower temperatures.

Water is transported across an air injector (venturi type) at great velocity. The high velocity re-circulation pump allows the ozone to be introduced into the water that then enters the mixer tank where injected products react efficiently for the correction of PH, if it is necessary, than for the oxidizer used.

For drinking water, once it has passed the disinfection stage, a contact reservoir is necessary for a good disinfection. A minimum contact time of 4 minutes is necessary for a good disinfection. It can be more significant, depending on the contaminant to be treated and of the concentration of the oxidizer. It must be noted that at higher concentrations, less contact time is needed.

The type of water treatment most fluently used is the multimedia, which consists of gravel, sand and anthracite or activated coal. Anthracite, besides serving as means to pick up turbidities, also allows to deactivate the ozone molecule and absorbs smells. The filters must be washed against a current daily, the heads of the filters be they mechanical or electronic can be designed to do it automatically. These filters are sized according to the volume of water.

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