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Powerful oxidant and excellent disinfectant

Ozone is a natural compound with powerful oxidizing properties. It oxidizes and neutralises all organic substances, pesticides and pathogens (viruses, bacteria, protozoans, etc…). These micro organisms can then be filtered in subsequent phases of treatment.

Furthermore, ozone will oxidize physco-chemical elements that may produce troublesome footprints such as iron, manganese, sulphur (rotten egg smell), after taste caused by algae, fungus and mildew, certain types of tannin that produce a tea stained colour.

Unlike other disinfectants such as chlorine, ozone disappears without a trace after it has been used. Ozone is composed of pure oxygen (O3) that is re-formed as oxygen (O2) a short time after the initial transformation. Ozone is produced from an electric surge similar to that of lightning in an electrical storm.

R.P. Ozone inc., a company involved in ozonation and purification of water has developed a system for water treatment that meets the modern consumer’s needs by integrating technology and effectiveness.

In the world of water treatment, ozone water purification is a process that holds a distinct advantage given the present environmental context which promotes development and promotes non-polluting technologies. Ozone water purification allows us to reduce and sometimes completely eliminate halo forms. These are a by-product of water chlorination. When chorine is added to water in order to eliminate bacteria and collie forms, it can react with micro-organisms in the water producing by products such as halo forms (THM).

According to Health Canada, there are recent scientific studies that have revealed a slight rise in the risk of bladder cancer in people that consumed water high is chlorination by-products. There is also a number of other studies that have revealed the existence of a possible link between chlorination by-products with an increased risk of colorectal cancer and undesirable effects on reproduction such as increased spontaneous abortion rates and fatal abnormalities. (Article from September 16th 2003), La Presse

Swimming pools, which are frequently visited by numerous persons around the world, for swimming or relaxing. The chlorinated atmosphere of swimming pools could be responsible for various health problems. The majority of swimming pools are disinfected using chlorine-based products leading to potentially toxic products. Studies have recently drawn attention to health risks correlated time spent in swimming pools. It has been between said that the growing and more precocious exhibition of children to the products of chlorination in swimming pools could, in association with other factors, be involved in the growing precedence of asthma and allergies.

The mistaken belief that the environment of a swimming pool does not introduce risks factors for the health of those that use them frequently is deep-rooted in the public mind. Furthermore, lack of consideration for the potential problems related to the toxicity of by-products of the chlorination of water is reflected by the regulations of most countries, centering on the micro-biological quality of the water in swimming pools, ignoring air quality to a great extent.

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