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Swimming Pool

As is the case with any other disinfectant for swimming pools, ozone will be more effective on water with a balanced PH, alkalinity and hardness. Once the water is balanced, the ozone will not affect these parameters, contrary to chlorine, which affects the water balance.

Because ozone is produced from oxygen passing through an electric field, it is important to prepare the air that goes into the ozone generator. It all depends on the amount of ozone needed (depending on the application). A dehydration breather or an oxygen concentrator is necessary for almost all applications where ozone disinfection is used. The only exception is hot tubs, where it is not needed because of the small volume of water and amount of users.

Swimming pool ozonisation - Water treatment by ozone

The most effective way to introduce ozone into water is by a process called ventury. The ventury, resembling a flute, is placed on the output line of the pool’s water filter or water heater. The ventury has a ¼’’ orifice for suction. Water circulating through the ventury creates a depressurisation that produces the suction necessary for the injection of ozone produced by the generator into the water.

The amount of suction is measured in "s.c.f.h." (scare cubic feed hours). This parameter is adjusted by using a flow meter placed on the ozone generator at 0 to 20 scfh. It is also possible to adjust the suction flow rate by adjusting the water flow rate through the ventury using the valve included in the injection kit. The optimum rate for ozone is between 5 and 15 scfh.

The water is then circulated through the contact reservoir. Inside the contact reservoir is an ozone generator connected to the water input. This allows for the production of micro bubbles that help mix (diffuse) the ozone to the water. in the reservoir, making the process more effective. It is important to note that only dissolved ozone works against contaminants and that ozone dissolved in water is safe for human use. Only 15 to 20 seconds are required for degassing (the air is previously injected and removed from the reservoir).

These systems can be equipped with O.R.P. sensors and controllers for residual disinfectants and PH (if necessary) that constantly measure the quality of the water. The sensor picks up readings for residual disinfectants measured in millivolts (MV) and sends them to a controller that regulates the ozone generator according to pre-set parameters. Through this process, the controllers allow for perfect control of the amount of disinfection needed for different types of water. The self-operating nature of the system responds instantly by applying the right amount of disinfection.

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