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Ozonisation for high quality drinking waterOzone production technology is in most cases the only method that effectively allows for the production of high-quality drinking water. The R.P. OZONE inc. method using ozone is essentially used for the following purposes:

  • disinfection, aka the destruction of micro-organisms (giradia lamblia/inactivation of                viruses / elimination of cryptosporidium)
  • elimination of odours (deodorisation)
  • elimination of humic substances (decolouration)
  • improvement of taste
  • oxidation of iron and manganese
  • degradation of pesticides

The advantages of ozone versus chlorine are the following:

  • no production of haloformes
  • small amount of ozone is required, which reduces the investment and operating costs
  • no by-products
  • does not affect pH level
  • support and partial replacement of flocculants

The treatment of drinking water with ozone has two phases, decolouration, oxidation of iron and manganese, disinfection and deodorisation take place during pre-ozonation (and eventually inter-ozonation). As a general rule, the principal ozonation phase is used to degrade organic matter and eliminate cryptosporidium, giradia, etc.



   Coliform fecal bacteria 0  Indicates that the water may cause illness.
   Total coliform bacteria 10  Indicates that the water may cause illness.
   Atipycal bacteria 200  Indicates that the water may cause illness.
   Iron disolved* 0,3 mg/L  Rust stains, dishwasher stains.
   Manganese disolved* 0,05 mg/L  Black stains, dishwasher stains.
   PH* 6,5 à 8,5  Corrosion of plumbing fixtures.
   Sulfides* 0,05 mg/L  Rotten egg smell, odours of sulphur.
   Conductivity* ---  Water that is salty.
   Total water hardness*    White stains on dishes and plumbing fixtures.
   True colour* 15 UCV  Coloration due to dissolved compounds
   Tannins and ligines* ---  Yellow coloration of water
   Turbidity* 5,0 UTN  Particles suspended in water.


These guidelines are from taken from Quebec’s provincial guidelines on drinking water (Règlement sur l'eau potable du Québec) and recommendations for drinking water quality established by Health Canada.

The parameters marked with asterisk (*) are esthetic while the others may affect health.



Water treatment for drinking water by ozonisation

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