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In order to dissolve ozone, or any other gas, in water, Venturi Mazzei® injectors are the cheapest but also the most effective. When installed correctly, these injectors allow the user to dissolve 95 to 98% of the ozone from the generator.

Venturi Mazzei® injectors have a hydraulic efficiency that is by far superior to other injectors. This is attributable to modern design and fabrication methods. These injectors are used in thousands of installation around the world. They offer the possibility of injecting almost any gas or liquid in water under pressure.



The venturi effect creates a depression on the suction port of the injector. This phenomenon appears when a significant difference in pressure exists between the input and the output of the injector. Most Mazzei® injectors begin suction as soon as the output pressure is inferior to the input pressure by 20% to 25%.

The water (under pressure) that passes through the injector flows through a conduit with a diminished diameter. This results in an increased flow rate and therefore a decrease in static pressure. This decrease in pressure allows the liquid or gas to be sucked through the injector by the suction port. The flow through the suction port is turbulent, which allows an immediate mixing of two fluids. The section upstream from the suction port is larger in diameter, which allows the flow rate to decrease and the pressure to increase (without affecting the valve at the input of the injector).

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