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The Ultimum, the result of many years of research, was designed to completely eliminate the use of disinfectant products for hot tubs and Jacuzzi’s. The system is completely independent (hydraulics and electricity) from the hot tub unit.

Only one input and one output for water are installed in the shell of the tub, often adjacent to the elongated seat. A 1/15 hp circulation pump allows complete re-circulation of water in less than 10 minutes. The system comes equipped with an injection kit, contact chamber, a 1800 mg/l ozone generator and an optional processing system for the degassing and destruction of ozone. The system is mounted on an isolated base made of pressure treated wood.

The Ultimum - Water treatment for spas, using ozone

The basic model allows water control through a timer set on a 24 hour cycle for periods of 15 minutes or more. The complete disinfection of the tub takes only 3 hours per day. As a basic disinfection system when the tub is not being used. Another timer placed near the controls of the hot tub is accessible to the user, the settings vary from 2 to 12 hours and are operated when the spa is being used. The number of hours that the system is in operation is directly proportional to the number of people using the hot tub.

The ORP controller is offered to more demanding consumers as an option for a greater degree of precision. This equipment includes an electrode and a controller that allow detection of the quantity of disinfectants and the automatic operation of the ozone generator for as long as is determined by the operator. The ORP is expressed in millivolts, once it is adjusted it remains directly proportional to the level of contaminants.

The degassing and separator mechanisms allow for the elimination of bulbous ozone which is not use full for water treatment. This ozone is directed to the ozone destructor (optional) and it is transformed back into oxygen. This process allows for the elimination of the ozone smell that comes from the generator. It is important to note that only the ozone dissolved in water acts as a decontaminant.

The Ultimum - Water treatment for spas, using ozone

R.P. Ozone inc. can also offer custom made systems for different applications. For example the Ultimum for a hot tub can be integrated into certain hot tub units. The equipment can be placed at a distance in certain cases if the situation allows for it, the basement of the residence, for example.

The Ultimum is the most extensive system on the market today for the complete disinfection of hot tubs without the use of disinfectant products. For best results, it is preferable to balance the PH of the water before using the system. Contrary to other disinfectants, ozone will not affect the PH once adjusted. The user only has to change the water in the hot tub. The water purified by the system is just as clear as spring water!

The experience gathered in the last 6 years and the participation in the technical design of this type equipment allow R.P. Ozone inc. to aspire to an important place in the water treatment industry.

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