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About ORP...

ORP is an acronym for Oxidation Reduction Potential.

What does it mean?

The potential for oxidation reduction or oxidation redux as it sometimes called is a ratio representing the force or action of oxidants and reducers versus their concentration. Oxidants accept electrons, while reducers lose electrons. Examples of oxidants are chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, bromine, ozone and chlorine biocides. Examples of reducers are sodium sulphite, sodium bisulphite and hydrogen sulphide.

As it is for acidity versus alkalinity, the increase of one comes at the expense of the other. A phase to ground voltage is called oxidation/reduction potential where a positive potential produces a solution that attracts electrons (oxidant). ORP is measured in millivolts, without correction for solution temperature. As it is for PH, it is not a direct measure of concentration; it is a measure of activity level. In a solution containing only one active component, ORP is an indicator of concentration. AS it is for PH, a solution that is very diluted will require time to accumulate a recordable charge. The sensor uses a small platinum surface to accumulate the charge without a chemical reaction.

Studies done on polio virus, e-coli and other organisms present in water have concluded that there is a direct correlation between ORP expressed in millivolts and the level of inactivation of the contaminants. The predictable level of disinfection will be produced and supported independently of variations in contaminant levels and oxidant concentration. Therefore, different ORP levels, expressed in millivolts, can be determined for each application. This will produce complete and reliable disinfection while producing standardized to the lowest possible dosage.

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